I'm Nanda, and

I tend to have hobbies which ends up in professionalism:

Traveling as a backpacker during my twenties, at the end of the nighties I became a travelguide specialised in India - my homebase.

I followed a massage training and was introduced into Tai Chi. I started teaching Tai Chi Chuan since 2004, and now own a successful School for Tai Chi Chuan in Utrecht, Netherlands.

By teaching Tai Chi I got more and more interested in the wonders of the human body , I became a Kinetic Mensendieck Therapist: specialist in posture and movement patterns. 

Via Tai Chi my meditation practise became richer. In Taoist meditation you develop your breathing by adapting a good posture. I follow the -learning- path of Taostic and Tibetan Buddishm meditation which both focus on somatic awareness

I rent out my studio-space to Pure Energy Yoga, by Ester Scheen, who introduced me into Yin Yoga, so closely related to Dao Yin. Next thing I know I followed teacher trainings by Miriam Wagner, Beta Lisboa & Simon Calder and Jo Phee. 


My knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Taoist relaxation exercises, meditation, Yin Yoga, 5-elements and YinYang philosopy combined with me being a paramedical profession gives me a broad field of experience which I trully love to share....

....if I believe in anything it is that the body is so much wiser than the so called mind.....


  • In a nutshell: Kinetic Mensendieck Therapist - Tai Chi Chuan - Qi Gong - Yin Yoga


Being a Kinetic Therapist I have a substainable knowledge about anatomy and I'm experienced in posture and movementpaterns. 

Tai Chi and Yin Yoga (or Dao Yin) both are based on the Taoism philosophy and the Chinese Traditional Medicine of Yin & Yang and the 5-element & meridians. 


Tai Chi  & Qi gong

Since 2004 Tai Chi Chuan teacher of the original Yang Style of the ITCCA (www.itcca.com). With knowledge of Tai Chi Form, standing and moving Qi Gong, Meditation, Chi-massage,  Pushing Hands, Fighting Vorm, wapenforms (broadsword and sword) 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga teacher training - Chinese medicine, Meridian Nidra, Hip Anaotmy - Jo Phee

Yin Fascial Yoga, myofascia release, 5-elementen Qi Gong  - Beta Lisboa & Simon Calder

(partly) Yin Yoga teacher training - Miriam Wagner

Adjusting Yin poses workshop - Jose de Groot


And.......I stay tuned into the system of energetic meridians as well as the wonderworld of myofascia, i.e. the cours by Anatomy Trains - Thomas Myers: in Structure & Function - meridian lines


How the Meditationmat come about

The design of our meditationmat is truly unique. The meditationmat is easy to fold and to bring along where ever you go, being a workshop nearby, you weekly class or traveling abroad. My own experience is most of the times there will be a meditation cushion available or any kind op props but not a meditationmat. Without it our ankles and knee are 'resting' on a hard floor, a blanket, a halfrolled up yogamat -anything to make it a bit comfortable. Result being poor bloodcirculation, cold feet or any other uncomfortable feeling which influences our meditation. All meditationstyles will tell you that a good posture is essential for your meditation. Our Chi'zz meditationmat is designed to do just that!

This beautiful meditationmat is designed with my dear friend - Stoika de Vreeze - een woman who's head burst with ideas and she actually produces them. Unique in what she makes and unique in who she is.