I'm Nanda, and

my knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Taoist relaxation exercises, somatic awareness meditation, Yin Yoga, 5-elements and YinYang philosopy combined with me having a paramedic profession gives me a broad field of body and mind related experience which I trully love to share....

....if I believe in anything it is that the body is so much wiser than the mind (or at least how we use it).......


I tend to have hobbies which ends up in professionalism:

Traveling as a backpacker during my twenties, at the end of the nighties I became a travelguide specialised in India - my homebase.

I followed a massage training and was introduced into Tai Chi. I started teaching Tai Chi Chuan since 2004, and now own a successful School for Tai Chi Chuan in Utrecht, Netherlands.

By teaching Tai Chi I got more and more interested in the wonders of the human body , I became a Kinetic Mensendieck Therapist: specialist in posture and movement patterns. 

Via Tai Chi my meditation practise became richer. In Taoist meditation you develop your breathing by adapting a good posture. I follow the -learning- path of Taostic and Tibetan Buddishm meditation which both focus on somatic awareness

I rent out my studio-space to Pure Energy Yoga, by Ester Scheen, who introduced me into Yin Yoga, so closely related to Dao Yin. Next thing I know I followed teacher-trainings by Jo Phee, Miriam Wagner, Beta Lisboa & Simon Calder. 


  • In a nutshell: Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong - Yin Yoga - Kinetic Mensendieck Therapist 

Tai Chi and Yin Yoga (or Dao Yin) both are based on the Taoism philosophy and the Chinese Traditional Medicine of Yin & Yang and the 5-element & meridians. 

Being a Kinetic Therapist I have a substainable knowledge about anatomy and I'm experienced in posture and movementpaterns. 
Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong

Since 2004 official Tai Chi Chuan teacher of the original Yang Style of the ITCCA (www.itcca.com). With knowledge of Tai Chi Form, standing and moving Qi Gong, Meditation, Chi-massage,  Pushing Hands, Fighting Vorm, wapenforms (broadsword and sword). 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga teacher training - Chinese medicine, Meridian Nidra, Hip Anaotmy - Jo Phee

Yin Fascial Yoga, myofascia release, 5-elementen Qi Gong  - Beta Lisboa & Simon Calder

(partly) Yin Yoga teacher training - Miriam Wagner

Adjusting Yin poses workshop - Jose de Groot


And.......I stay tuned into the system of energetic meridians as well as the wonderworld of myofascia, i.e. the cours by Anatomy Trains - Thomas Myers: in Structure & Function - meridian lines


How the Meditationmat come about

The design of our meditationmat is truly unique. The meditationmat is easy to fold and to bring along where ever you go, being a workshop nearby, you weekly class or traveling abroad. My own experience is most of the times there will be a meditation cushion available or any kind op props but not a meditationmat. Without it our ankles and knee are 'resting' on a hard floor, a blanket, a halfrolled up yogamat -anything to make it a bit comfortable. Result being poor bloodcirculation, cold feet or any other uncomfortable feeling which influences our meditation. All meditationstyles will tell you that a good posture is essential for your meditation. Our Chi'zz meditationmat is designed to do just that!

This beautiful meditationmat is designed with my dear friend - Stoika de Vreeze - een woman who's head burst with ideas and she actually produces them. Unique in what she makes and unique in who she is.