Moving to life from Amsterdam-Netherlands, to small town Bedepuszta-Hungary -2019

may 2019

Body Mind - Mind Body 

It is so interesting the internal process I find myself in actually living here. Most interesting in terms of Body & Mind and how we manage to -seemingly- separate them. My body knows living here is good for me: the air for breathing, the green for good view, the smells, the sounds of nature. All my senses are opening, and there are layers within and they are opening!  Especially now in this spring season where nature laughs about 'less is more', it keeps on growing, flourishing, the green is so lush, birds are playing with their songs, the beez buzzing....... Being used to live in a big city I tend to block the overwhelming impulses surrounding me being it the busy traffic where you have to be in a 'high alert' modus, pollution or the cranky faces in the urban jungle, by fencing of my sences. 

So my body's experience here is very clear, I notice it in every spontaneous deep sigh. But the Mind!! All those years longing to live here. And now in 'real time' a kind of cloudily layer tries to overrule the bodily feeling. Talking about all the could be difficulties I might face here and now, external ánd internal. So the Ego is playing it's part. Inhibiting me seeing clearly and trying to take a little bit of joy out of everyday's life by either anxiety, grumpy, irritated, worrying, sadness. 

The beauty of it is I might thínk all kind of thoughts but I'm also aware of it. So the thoughts bearing the emotions stays on the surface and doesn't incorporate and become feelings. It is so interesting and pure: the feeling of the body knowing is a very steady feeling whereas the mind is more a hop on hop of feeling... 

So I stick with the bodily experience and the awareness, take a deep breath and open my senses.

Moving to life from Amsterdam-Netherlands to small town Bedepuszta-Hungary -2019

april 2019

So, we did it. We moved from a capital town to a hamlet. In this blog I will tell and share the inns and outs about this step forwards to a different life(style). The joys and the fears, the known and unknown, the interaction and the loneliness, the holding on and letting go, all of it in our new habitat.

The first week

Basically, just one word: Chaos. Completely. Or like my best friend said: a potpourri of emotions. From overexcited to be here, in this beautiful landscape of rolling hills, with no urbanisations as far as you can see. To the opposite side: what did I think I was doing to even think to live her full time. How!

A lot of ideas, a small income, my beloved one, vegetable gardening all of it sounds really good. But that's just a starting point.

We do not step completely into the unknown. We have our beautiful -used to be holiday-house this first of May 10 years, we know the surroundings, my husband speaks the language (like a 5 year old todler as he says; I'm learning...) and very important we know people and even have friends here.

So, let's start by actual living here and getting used to the patterns of my new urban live. From an overcrowded - at least for me - city to a village with 6 people (in the next blog I will tell a bit more about this special place). From a busy working live with two businesses, I sold one and reducing the work in the other, to 2 days holding office and vegetable gardening. 

Lets start with letting go, adapting, and breathing in this wonderful place of nature which I can call home.