Unique handmade meditationmat

Our handmade meditationmats are unique because of their size, material and design. They give support thus comfort for ankles and/or knees during meditation. Because of their unique design they take up little space; they are roll-up or foldable. Easy to take with you to your mindfulness, Tai Chi, Yoga, Zen, meditation class or workshop, for your retreat or travel.

description meditationmat

Outer cover: 100 % cotton, a sturdy canvas. It is washable on 40 degrees. 

The outer cover is decorated with a stiched edge of 2 by 4 cm and has a small leatherlabel with Chi'zz on it. 
Dimensions: 66/68 cm by 33 cm. Heigth with kapok ± 5 cm, with saddle felt ± 2 cm. 
Inner cover: 
You can choose between wool or saddle felt. 
Our wool is from the sheepbreed Walliser Schwarznase, from the fur till the innercover it passes our hands. Quality of wool is warm, moisture permeable and springy. 
Saddle felt has the quality that it is sturdy and insulating (heat / cold). This is also a beautiful natural product. Saddle felt is really what horse saddles are filled with.


MEDITATon posture

Place the meditation mat in front of your pillow and rest your ankles or knees on it; due to the insulating function and softness, it reduces stagnation in the blood circulation (sleeping or cramping feet / legs).